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Think on These Things: An Exercise on Positive Thinking

When our mind is consumed with worry there is a particular verse in the Bible I'd like to reflect on:

Philippians 4:8 God says:

"Whatsoever things are: True, Honest, Just, Pure, Lovely, Of Good Report, If there be any Virtue and if there be any praise- Think On These Things!"

When you really break these things down here's what they mean:

True- In accordance with fact or reality.

Honest- Free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.

Just- Based on behaving according to what's morally right and fair.

Pure- Not mixed or adulterated with any substance or material.

Lovely-Very pleasant or enjoyable; delightful, or exquisitely beautiful.

Of Good Report- Good- to be desired or approved of, also pleasing and welcome.

Virtue- Behavior showing high moral standards.

Praise- Express warm approval and admiration of.

Let's rephrase it:

"Whatsoever things are Sincere, Free of deceit and untruthfulness. Based on behaving according to what's morally right and fair. Not mixed or adulterated with any substance or material. Very pleasant or enjoyable; delightful, or exquisitely beautiful. To be desired or approved of, Also pleasing and welcome. Shows high moral standards. Expresses warm approval and admiration of - Think on These Things!"

God wants us to focus on all these beautiful, peaceful, things and not our worries or fears. This is because in reality He is actively working on what we worry about. God already has a way and day that he will bring the solution. He already has a way to defeat that fear. He already has sent an Angel to protect you wherever you go. If you really think on it you'll probably remember a time when something really bad almost happened to you, but in an instant you were out of harm's way. Or throughout the entire duration of an unpleasant circumstance you came out fine and unharmed.

During the time when I was experiencing very severe anxiety, I've tried doing what this verse says for myself and I found it very helpful, grounding, and I did feel better after I tried it. Although it's not a one time thing. It's every time my mind worries me I have to get into the practice of this verse. Thinking on Good Things!

The first time I ever tried this I imagined myself being somewhere that I always dreamed of going. Somewhere lovely. I also imagined having this cute little puppy. To me puppies are pure joy. I just played that vision over and over and the worry subsided.

If your thoughts are filled with worry and anxiety or sometimes you lack faith in Good things happening to you, give this a try and see if you find this helpful. I've turned this verse into an exercise. I have attached a printable worksheet, but you can also use your own paper. Just really start to think on What's True to You, Honest To You, Just to You, Pure to You, Lovely to you, Good reports of things in your life, Virtuous and Praise worthy things.

I hope you find this exercise helpful and enjoyable.

I'd love to know what your experience was like doing this activity. You can leave a comment below or fill out a contact form to send your feedback.



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