Fun Facts

Just In Case You Where Wondering :)

Each piece of my jewelry is crafted by hand with beading or wire working techniques. Sometimes I draw out my designs, most times I just start creating and let the inspiration  and creativity flow. Although each piece is made to wear with the other; each piece is one of a kind, and there is no other like it. 

I test out the jewelry to make sure it's functional, comfortable, and that it looks great with different necklines and for different occasions


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Barbara Lockhart Jewelry? Barbara Lockhart Jewelry is sold at local markets and arts events in Baton Rouge, La. Check out my events calendar on the bottom of my home page to learn about the upcoming events to shop in person. 

My jewelry broke, Will you repair it for me? No problem! Just fill out the contact me form with Subject line: "Repairs" and briefly describe the damage.

Do you make custom pieces or add personal touches?  Sure do! Fill out the contact me form with Subject line " Custom Request".

A piece I wanted is sold out, will there be more inventory soon? Sorry, Each piece is 1 of a kind, but I can customize a piece for you that is very similar to it! If that sounds good to you then fill out the contact me form with Subject line " Custom Request" and either name or send a picture of the jewelry piece your interested in.

How do I submit a Prayer Request? To Submit a Prayer Request fill out the contact me form with subject line "Prayer Request"

Don't see your question here? Fill out the contact me form, select  as the topic and ask away!