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How to Feel Better About Your Home & Surroundings

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

1. Pray Over Your Surroundings Sometimes we don't like where we are because of memories, feelings, and events that happened there. When we pray over our homes it cleanses the bad energy fills its with new and positive energy.

2. Showing Gratitude Even if it's not your favorite place when you begin to show Gratitude that you have a place to be sheltered your attitude will change and the energy where you are will change the atmosphere.

3. Surround Yourself With Things You Love Family photos, artwork, vision boards, plants, string lights, scriptures or inspirational wording, a comfortable chair you sit in just to read. Whatever makes you feel happy and comfortable. When the pandemic started I prepared myself to accept I would have to be in a certain place for a very long time and because of that I wanted to be sure it was a place I felt comfortable and happy in so I bought art to put on my walls.

4. A Deep Clean This can be the last thing we want to do right now, but just like Praying over the home cleanses bad energy so does physically cleaning the home. If we love how we feel in our surroundings then we'll want to be there longer. Also cleaning can be very therapeutic.

5. Natural light Its been proven scientifically that Natural light makes us happier. If you're not feeling good about where you are let in some Sunshine to perk up your mood or change the atmosphere.

6. Use Scent Scent is a powerful tool for persuading our moods and also for memory. If you would like to feel better about your surrounding find a pleasant and calming scent you use in your home for when you want to relax or feel more positive and use that scent only for that purpose. This way your brain will associate the scent with relaxation and positivity.

7. Use Color When you're investing in accessories for your Surroundings to improve your mood invest in colors that are calming or make you feel happier. Stay close to pastel blues, greens, pinks, and purple for calming effects. Earth tones like brown, green, orange make us feel cozier and grounded. Bright colors like Yellow & Pink make us feel happier.

8. Go outside or Bring the Outdoors, Indoors It's something about fresh air that's renewing. How many of us take a quick trip outside when we feel overwhelmed and it shakes us back to stability?! When you find your surroundings unpleasant, spend some time outside, maybe invest in a chair for your patio so you can sit down outdoors for awhile. When you don't have this option open the windows of your home to let the fresh air in or invest in some air filtering plants for the indoors of your home.

I hope you find these tips helpful and pray that you feel pleasant feelings about your home and surroundings.

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