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What I Love About Me Is: A Self Love Activity

Personally, I'm big on Self Love, because I know that when you love yourself, respect yourself, and take care of yourself, your life and everything in it will be a reflection of it. I also understand that sometimes because of life it can be hard to make ourselves a priority and sometimes we just don't feel good about ourselves. Maybe this is because we feel undervalued at our jobs or we have put up with people that belittle us, or whatever the case may be sometimes we can forget our value. When God made us he was proud of what he created, because he made us in his likeness, he loves us deeply, and cares for us very much. If that is the way that God feels about us then I believe we should feel that way about ourselves as well.

I have an activity that will boost your self confidence; I call it the Self Love List, because it's all about you and what you love about yourself.

Title it: "What I Love About Myself Is" and then I challenge you to list 10 Things that you love about yourself! This can be any 10 things you love about yourself; even if it's something "silly" like "I love the way I make PB and J sandwiches; my PB and J sandwiches are the best!" It's your list and its about the love you feel for yourself! If today's a hard day start with 5 things and add on later.

I've attached a printable worksheet below for you to use, but you can make your own list if you wish.

Once you make your list don't disregard it; especially if lately you haven't been feeling like your best self. Put this list somewhere you will always see it; I suggest a mirror that you always use because when you read it out loud to yourself you'll probably start to smile.

I hope you find this activity inspiring and uplifting. Feel free to share your list or tell me how you felt after you did this activity in the comments below.



Download PDF • 66KB

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