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Step By Step Vision Board Guide

Updated: Jan 1, 2023

The purpose of the vision board is to put what you want before your eyes to keep it in the forefront of your mind. The things you focus on become your reality. What is it that you desire most for your life in 2021? Set Your Intentions on it. Whatever they are, your Vision Board will help you manifest it. Here's how to Get Started: Step 1- Gather Photos

Begin by looking through your personal photos, cutting out pictures from magazines, old books, printing pictures from your google search or Pinterest that best help you envision your dreams for this year. Step 2- Gather Supplies

You'll Need the Following Supplies: * Glue, Glue Stick * Tape * Scissors * Poster board or some other surface to stick your photos on (size is up to you) * Paper * Markers * Whatever else you want to add to your board; it's YOUR vision Optional Supplies: *Ribbon *Glitter *String *Confetti *Other Pretty things

Step 3- Find the Perfect Location

Find a comfortable place away from distractions with a surface you can work on top of. It can be your bed, your sofa, your desk, your kitchen table.

Step 4- Set the Mood

Get into inspiration mode by powering Phoenix's Vision Board Party Playlist: Listen to this Playlist Here 🎉 Or create your own playlist of inspiring music, light some candles, turn on your essential oil diffuser- Whatever makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and inspired!

Step 5- Put It All Together: Cut, Paste, Tape, Accessorize

Step 6- Visualize

Once you finish hang it somewhere you'll see it everyday. I like to Frame mine like a Photo and hang them in my bedroom *Remember: There's no right or wrong way to Vision Board, Make what you Love and are Proud of, Make what helps you visualize YOUR dreams!

Happy Vision Boarding!

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