The Story of Barbara Lockhart Jewelry

Creating Jewelry for Dreamers

I have always loved jewelry, and in 2014 my love for jewelry turned into a passion to make it. Also, that same year, I was going through a very traumatic time in my life. I was severely depressed, I had terrible anxiety and my life fell to pieces.

Creating Jewelry became a way for me to cope, and a way for me to build my life again. During this time I was fascinated by the sky. Looking at it made me forget about all my problems and pain. 

To make a long story short today, I am no longer have Depression. Although I do still have Anxiety, it is nothing like it used to be, and I have what I like to call a "Victory" over Anxiety everyday; and I will not stop fighting for my peace at mind until I have total Victory! Still, I have came a very long way and Today, I am happy, healthy, and going after my dreams! I want the same for everyone who has  Anxiety, Depression, or a big dream in their heart that is just facing adversity. I created Barbara Lockhart Jewelry to inspire the wearer to pursue their dreams and to feel happy and positive about life. Never Give up on yourself and never give up on your dreams!


Click here to read about how I overcame Depression in Enchantment Magazine pgs. 15-19.