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The Back to Love Collection is inspired by my experience with burnout and my recovery. It is a tangible part of my recovery process. The creation process of this collection began to heal my burnout and at the same answer the prayers for the wearer and admirers of this collection. God revealed to me that my recovery process requires me to reconnect with my passions, live present minded with a grateful heart, and not to give up on my dreams. I have prayed for this collection to touch the wearer and admirers in the same way, get back to you passions, love yourself the way God does, get back to your love for the Lord, restore your faith, enjoy life right now as you pursue your dreams.

Blessings to you, Barbara.

Back to Love Collection

Excluding Sales Tax
  • Materials in this collection: Semi precious stones: freshwater pearl, Swarovski crystal, amethyst, Rhodochrosite, shell, moonstone, labradorite. Glass, gold filled wire, sterling silver wire, copper wire.

  • This collection is apart of a live auction. The auction price starts at $100 and may increase due to the auction offering prices. Thank you for understadning.

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