Your Uniqueness is Your Strength

God created us all to stand out in some way & then the Devil will summon someone to attack that uniqueness!

•Introverts get told to talk more

•Extroverts get told to shut up

•Sensitive people get told to toughen up

•Tough people get told to soften

•Creatives get told to get a "real job" & get real skills

•People with "highly demanded skills" have a hard time finding a job

•People with curly hair get told to straighten their hair

•People with straight hair get told to add volume to their hair

•People with long hair chop it off

•People with short hair add extensions

•Lean people want to be thicker

•Thicker people want to be leaner

•Lighter skinned people get tans

•Dark skinned people use lightening creams and filters..

My point is God set us apart and gave us our assignment, not other people. The Devil knows our Uniqueness is what God will use and that's why he attacks it. If the Devil can get you to be like everyone else then he knows you'll never reach your full potential.

Be who God made you to be! I hope this encouraged someone today!


Barbara 🙏🏽💕

(Scriptures: Jeremiah 1:5 and 1 Peter 2:9)

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