Update On My Personal Testimony

Updated: May 2

So, if you've visited my website and are reading there's a good chance you read my personal testimony of being healed from Depression by re-establishing my Faith and forming a relationship with God. I have an update that I feel is important to share with my readers and supporters.

Long story short, I'm currently having another battle with Depression. It has been triggered by many personal life factors such as a loss of a relationship, health challenges, and loss of a job, and loss of independence. I lost many things that were very important to me, and the combination of it all hitting within the same year took a toll on my mental health.

Unknowingly I slipped into a state of Major Depression or Clinical depression, once again.

While this time it is not as severe as the previous episode, it is still very significant because it is impacting my life.

The ONLY reason this episode is not as bad as the last one is because I've been through it before. I know that if God brought me out of it before, he'll definitely bring me out of it again! He's with me every day, encouraging me, guiding me, and keeping me uplifted. I also understand that even this, is working for my good. I know that sounds crazy, but it's true. If God is allowing me to go through this again, it must serve a purpose for my ultimate destiny.

There are Blessings within this Trial, Season, or "Wilderness" Experience and those Amazing Blessings are:

  1. I Know How To Combat This: I learned a long time ago that I'm stronger than I feel and that I'm a fighter. Since I've dealt with Depression before I'm aware of my options to get help, I know what's worked and what didn't, I have coping skills to keep my mental state from deteriorating any further, and I get to learn more to help someone else in a similar situation.

  2. I Can Serve Others: Throughout this time since I believe that God uses me to help others, I've been able to serve others, which is so therapeutic. During this time I've been trying to be a blessing wherever I'm planted. At home, in community, in an uber, in the workplace, in my personal relationships, in my professional relationships.

  3. I Have A Stronger Bond With God: I've matured even more on a Spiritual level during this trial. It's easy to trust God and testify of his Goodness when life is great, but when it isn't so great it requires a whole new level of Faith. It may be painful some days, but it's very rewarding and amazing to see what God will do in the "Wilderness" Seasons and how he will bring you out.

  4. I've got time to connect with what matters most to me: In the "Wilderness" Season you can be isolated, but it's not so bad, because you can reconnect or connect with what matters most to you. I Love the Arts and when I was busy with work and other things I never had the time to be as involved with it as I wanted to. I was missing out on time with people I care about. There was also much more stressful factors around. Now that I've had the time to slow down I can make Art, Nature, and other things I love a priority and build my life around what I love and not the vice versa.

  5. I've Made Meaningful Connections: Depression makes it harder to maintain relationships or have conversations, but I've met some amazing people with great hearts during this Season. They have helped me with things I didn't even realize I needed help with. This has also helped me to learn that if God has brought something to my attention, it means he intends to help me fix it so I can indeed become a better version of myself.

I wanted to share this update, because I want you to know that if you're going through Depression a 2nd time or 3rd, etc or repeating some other thing you have battled in the past, know that God will bring you out of it! It is not permanent and you will walk out victorious and abundantly blessed because God loves to take what's broken and make it into something new and better!

A Prayer to Sustain Us In Seasons of Trials:

God, I praise you for being a God of 2nd chances. I'm grateful that you take my pain and use it to propel me into a great calling. God, I thank you for the hidden blessings in the wilderness season. Thank you for molding me and shaping me to be prepared for the greater things that are to come. I pray that you keep lifting me on the hard days. Help me to focus on the blessings right now in this season. Bless me with your Grace to get through this season with a great attitude. Show me how I can still give you Glory even right now. In Jesus's name, Amen 🙏🏽💕

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