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God Uses Us To Deliver Others

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

As God's followers we're always being watched and observed because even though some people don't walk with God, I think they're looking for signs he's really, real and who he says he is. Who they've heard God is. Sometimes God puts us places just so we can help others get delivered & that's the only reason why we'll be there! True story:

I used to work in a Department store and I'll never forget two of my customers. They loved me as a person, told me very personal stuff, and I wasn't sure why. I felt I never did anything spectacular. I was just always polite and of service like Customer Service Representatives should be. One of the two customers once made it a point to tell me that she did a good thing. She told me she used to steal and be dishonest. One day, probably the last time I've seen her she came up to me and told me "I have a testimony!" I could tell she'd only came in the store to tell me that because she bought something that was only worth about $2. She said: "Today I was tempted to steal. I was given the wrong change, it was a large amount and usually I would keep it and think nothing of it, but this time I didn't feel good about it, I wanted to do the right thing and I went back to the cashier and returned the money." She followed up saying: "I just felt like I had to tell you that!" I celebrated her! I also told her something along the lines of keep up the good work and that I was proud of her. My other customer, I didn't remember her, but she remembered me! She said, "I know you don't remember me, but it's something about your spirit, so every time I come here it doesn't matter how long I have to wait in line, I only want to check out with you, because I feel refreshed." She then told me she worked in the Mental Health industry and that she was weary from all the things she had seen and dealt with over the years. She then ended with saying: "keep being a light to others." The point of my story is not to brag on me, but to brag on God, because the path of the righteous shines brightly! People get delivered and refreshed by us in places and in situations we never imagined!

We think we're just an employee or student etc. at a place because of our own gain, but sometimes we get a particular job, or particular partner for a project, or particular seat in class, or particular place in line, or particular house in a neighborhood because of the people that were already there before us! Those two customers had been shopping at that department store for years, but they only seen me 2 and 3 times and was delivered from sin and refreshed in their Faith from just one encounter of the Holy Spirit within me.

God uses his followers to deliver others and not just in church but also in the strangest places. Deliverance can take place anytime, anywhere.

Shine brightly wherever God positions you so others can be delivered and experience God's goodness🙏🏽💕

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