God is Restoring What You Lost

(Originally posted and written in March 2021)

Restoration is a word that's been coming up for me often within the last week or so!

It's God's confirmation that restoration is in store for me and someone else who needs a renewal!

GOD IS A GREAT RESTORER and he's bringing Restoration in this month, and all this year!

God's restoring homes, finances, businesses, careers, relationships, all needs! He's restoring things you've once wanted and forgot all about- He's restoring your health challenges that you've learned to live with- that's right- No more living with Depression. No more living with Migraines, Addictions, or Chronic Pain. He's restoring life! He's bringing back people in comas, He's bringing back body parts that stopped functioning properly, He's restoring something that's seemingly beyond repair in your home.

Not only is he restoring Needs, but he's restoring things Just Because! Just because he loves you, Just because he wants to bless you!

Have a Spirit of Expectation & Watch him Bless You with Restoration this Month & all 2021 🙏🏽💕

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