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God Heard My Cries and Sent a Messenger

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Prayer changes things! When we cry out to God and make our Prayers known to him he acts right then; it's not delayed!

A Testimony:

Last week I literally cried out to God for a change in my living situation and other situations in my life. I've been having dreams that are symbolic of new beginnings, but sometimes we feel like dreams are just dreams.

I had a Dr's appointment last week, and what I was going for should've been an in and out visit- 10 mins tops, but God made me wait about 40 mins.

I thought they might've forgot about me, because initially I was the only one in the waiting room, but then every single person that came after me got called before me and had left. I went to the desk to make sure I hadn't missed my name being called, but I hadn't. I was like: "Okay God, you got me waiting for something. I don't know what you're up to, but I'll wait patiently."

About 10 minutes after I checked to see if they missed me, a nurse finally came to get me. She told me my doctor was out, all the people that were supposed to be there was conveniently out, so she came to get me.

She checked my blood pressure and it was elevated, so she gave me some time to calm down and she would come back to recheck it. I was like "here I am finally in the back, but waiting again" and I chuckled alil and said God I feel like you're up to something, forreal".

The nurse came back maybe 10 minutes later and my blood pressure did go down, but not enough and so she asked me do I have high blood pressure. I said, yes I've been told I have high blood pressure. Because of my age, she felt like it had to be more to my story to have high blood pressure and I told her, I have Anxiety and its heightened when I come to the doctor. (That's a real thing by the way) When I told her more about the Anxiety, she sat back and asked more questions to try and get more information.

I answered all of her questions, She gave me some great advice: she told me to address the Anxiety with the Dr. She told me it should be the focus, because I'll be Anxious about my blood pressure every time, and that'll cause it to be high, so my pressure will never get to stabilize if I'm always anxious. She also gave me some further steps to take if Blood pressure was still elevated when I rechecked it at home. I shrugged my shoulders and said:

"I already know it's going to be high again, because I have a stressful living situation." The nurse paused, and she said "tell me more "and I told her what was stressful about it.

She then said "I knew something was going on with you, so I prayed for you when I left the room. That's why I came to get you, God sent me to tell you: It's time for you to have your own stuff; your own place. He's about to do it for you, and that everything will be okay!" I started crying and she told me a personal testimony of how she was in similar circumstances before and how she was delivered. She prayed for me again and gave me a hug, and she told me to Trust God and ask him to show me the way and said she'll be keeping me in prayer.

I walked away amazed at the way God set me up to receive that message; How he showed up, right on time! The very next day after my prayers and cries he sent a messenger to tell me what I prayed and cried for was on the way! There's been a shift taking place and I'm excited for what God's about to do!

Be encouraged everyone that's been crying out to God, because he acknowledges our tears, He immediately addresses our prayers!

Have a blessed day everyone,

Barbara 🙏🏽💕

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