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Don't Lose Hope

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

It's A New Month and maybe you felt a spark in your spirit when God said he's restoring things in your life, but maybe for you it looks like nothing is happening, nothing is changing, or maybe things seem worse!

My Encouragement today is Don't Lose Hope! This message has been repeated to me over and over! If this resonates with you, I'm telling you too Don't Lose Hope! You would not be reading this today if it wasn't for you, especially if you feel it in your spirit!

My advice is to do what you know to do in times like this, keep yourself centered in God's word, and serve others where you can.

Do the things you know you have to do:

Walking in obedience isn't easy, but it's always fruitful.

Keep Yourself Center In an atmosphere of Faith:

When we are in God's word, when we are in his presence we feel a refreshing in our spirit and peace that surpasses all understanding. That's the Holy Spirit! It takes Faith to get through trials and God's Grace will cover us when were close to him.

Serve Others

In Seasons of Trials, Testing, Waiting its significant to serve others, because it takes away from our own suffering. When we aren't focusing on our own problems and helping others resolve theirs we feel refreshed! Also, God probably sent those people to us to help them. We may be the answer to their prayers! God will remember who we helped and reward us for it down the line. It may even be a test to open up the next blessing for you.

A Prayer to Stay Encouraged:

God, thank you for the reminder that you finish what you start! I pray that you cover me in your amazing Grace God to get through this time. I pray for an overwhelming strength to walk in obedience and courage. I thank you for the unseen Blessing in this trial, and I thank you that the restoration process has already begun! Im grateful that you move when you hear my cries, that your response is not delayed, but that you act immediately and that you are with me in the midst of the trial. God help me to focus on your love, help to keep my mind on the postive, and to see beauty in the smallest of things everyday. In Jesus name, Amen.

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