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Celebrating Others

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

Celebrating others Blessings, Gifts, and Talents never takes away from your own- it's actually quite the opposite.

I'm very passionate about this topic, because I've seen alot of people block their own blessings because they can never be happy for someone else.

When someone is having a moment, whether that's in their career, in their love life, in their business, in their personal development, etc instead of Celebrating they're hating. They're going on about how they're more talented than that person and better looking than that person. They're clapping on the outside but speaking ill will of that person on the inside or they simply don't clap at all.

I've never had a problem celebrating others, I truly enjoy it!

When I tell someone "Congratulations!" - I truly mean it!

When I tell them I pray for their success - I truly mean it!

When I tell someone I love their work and support them - I really mean it!

When I follow someone it's because I truly support them and what they're about.

I say this not to brag on myself, but I say this to say: Everyone in the world has a special purpose, a special gift, and we all have our moment to shine! When you understand that we all have our moment then you can genuinely celebrate others who are walking in their blessings. Sitting back with envy in your soul doesn't make that other person's moment go away, but it can delay yours.

I know that Celebrating others dosen't come easily to everyone, maybe because you were never celebrated, so I don't say this to be critical. I say this to make you aware that this isn't who you truly are and make you aware of how it's effecting your life.

You can change this if you really desire to. Here's a prayer to open your heart:

A Prayer for Genuinely Celebrating Others:

God, I admit I have a hard time celebrating others. Forgive me! I desperately want to change this! I pray to feel your love for me deeper than I ever have, because your perfect love casts out fear, because your love shows me how to love others. I pray that you reveal my identity within you, because when I know who I am in your eyes, I will know my worth and my purpose. I will know that Celebrating someone else does not diminish my value. Help me become secure in who I am, Help me to fall in love with my gifts, Help me to value my own Special Purpose. In Jesus's name, Amen 🙏🏽💕

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