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A Prayer for 2023

Happy New Year to you!

I wanted to encourage you and inspire you with a new year prayer:

God, thank you for allowing us to see and experience a new year. Thank you for everything that you done last year that was excellent and praiseworthy. Thank you for answered prayers. Thank you for protection. Thank you for stability. Thank you for strength and encouragement. Thank you for opportunity. I pray that we are leaving behind mindsets, relationships, places, things, and opportunities that will stunt our growth in the new year. I pray that this is a year that we desire your agenda for our lives more than our own or other people's personal agendas for us. I pray for us to follow the sound of your voice and your word carefully and intentionally. I pray for us to form relationships that are healthy for us, for us to walk into opportunities that make us better versions of ourselves, I pray for us to have new habits that are healthy. I pray for you to give us courage and will power to exit and disengage from anything that hinders us from being more like you. I pray that you are delivering us from things we've struggled with a long time because you are a merciful God and you are concerned with our concerns. Whether that is abuse, addiction, poor self esteem, mental health, identity confusion, physical health, financial issues, etc. God, may this be the time when we are made new in your image in the name of Jesus. We are excited for what's to come. I pray that the good things that began last year continue and become better in this year. We have an expectancy for goodness, because you are a good God! We have an expectancy for miracles because you are the God of miracles, we have an expectancy for answered prayers because you are a God that pours out blessings that we cannot contain! In Jesus' name I pray, Amen 🙏🏽💕

Blessings to you all,

Barbara 💕

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